Borderless Alliance

We are a multilateral partnership of private and public sector stakeholders working to increase trade in West Africa, and eliminate barriers to trade.

We bring together stakeholders at all levels in the transport chain to address the primary issues affecting transport, through advocacy, data dissemination and multilateral discussions. 

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Borderless Alliance Members

Statement on Ebola Outbreak

Ebola emergency and possible effect on BA activities in West Africa

In light of the recent developments across selected countries in West Africa, notably the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease and its possible effects on the movement of goods and people across the sub-region, the Executive Committee of Borderless Alliance has decided to reach out to its members, as well as regional economic operators at large, with the following statement:

Download: Ebola emergency statement from Borderless Alliance

TOC Conference

Excessive and inefficient Customs and inspection processes, trade bureaucracy and documentation are hampering supply chain efficiency and costing West Africa dearly. How to improve the situation will be one of the key topics under discussion at the new TOC Market Briefing: West Africa, taking place in Tenerife this December 10-11. Press Release.

In Transit

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